Alan David Kosinski

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Alan is REI THUNDER’s founder and Chief Executive Officer.

He began his interest in real estate at a very young age when his grandmother received rent money from a neighbor. After emerging from the U.S. Military and associated Federal jobs in 1981 at 27 years old, this wannabe entrepreneur began his real estate career and has been devoted to learning about and practicing every aspect of the real estate industry.

Alan was NOT born of wealth and his parents struggled to get by. Starting in debt, similar to most Americans today, Alan jumped in full time as a real estate investor and five years later became a licensed real estate agent followed by becoming a licensed real estate broker, a notary, a Massachusetts Real Estate License Instructor.

During his long career, Alan has acquired over 888 properties, all for LESS THAN one-hundred-dollars down and NO CREDIT – except for 13 properties where he either used more cash or credit in some way.

Oh, yeah…he has made millions of dollars…and lost millions of dollars…which makes him an expert on how to make and keep money made in real estate!

Sometimes referred to as the mumbling millionaire, this real estate expert’s goal is to help as many people as he can, in any way possible, before his time on earth expires, leaving a legacy of success in his students and mentees.

Alan can be reached at              To learn more about Alan, visit his personal website.

Bill Haskell

(510) 910-3951

Change is a word that could sum up Bill’s life path. His career began in Silicon Valley as a System Engineer working in many roles including in a field engineer on the east coast. After a brief exploration in public education, Bill set his sights on Project Management.  In the profession, he worked for startups, small companies and global corporations. After over 20 years in management, he began working as Life and Business Coach until rediscovering a passion for real estate.


In 2001, Bill bought his first rental property. This portfolio soon grew to three. He held onto them through the 2008 economic downturn. In 2010, his passion was reawakened and he turned his full attention to real estate investing.  This time, he actively pursued an education in real estate investing as well as building a network of mentors and colleague.


Education reflects the theme of change in Bill’s life path. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of California. After working for several years, he began studying for a Master’s degree in Cybernetics, a branch of Systems Science, from San Jose State University. During this time, he was also involved in volunteer programs at local schools. This value for learning was the impetus for a career change. After receiving a Master’s degree and secondary level teaching credential from Stanford University, Bill taught mathematics in the San Mateo public school system. Learning didn’t stop there; however, after several more years, he obtained an MBA from Santa Clara University.


In addition to working and studying, Bill has been giving back to the community. He has given his time and expertise to Morgan Hill’s Library, Culture and Arts and Parks and Recreation commissions, Leadership Morgan Hill, Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation (WERC), Future Farmers of America (FFA), Habit For Humanity and the South Valley Civic Theater.


When he can find the time, Bill enjoys music, theater, photography, volleyball, hiking and travel. His travels have included 6-month stints in Europe and Latin America. His focus in Latin America was learning Spanish, absorbing the culture and volunteering.

You can reach Bill at

Carole Meier


Carole is currently a real estate investor’s consultant and homeowner advocate.

Over the last 8 ½ years, Ms. Meier has become an expert on investigating and litigating against the Big Banks and their agents. She has uncovered the truth about those failed banks and the loans they held throughout the nation. The crazy sounding but truth of how through the FDIC’s receivership of those loans and so-called transfer of those assets that other US Banks now claim themselves as current beneficiary, and attempt to foreclose on unsuspecting citizens! As a result of her own house being threatened by this unjust system, Meier has learned a great deal about the US Banking system, the judicial system and Real Estate Investing.

Carole Meier is currently helping homeowners who knew something wasn’t right with the system and chose to stay and challenge the banks after the 2008 crash. She also consults with Real Estate Investors who are involved with purchasing or partnering with property owners so they may obtain higher profits from their investment projects.

When Carole is not on her white horse leading the charge for truth, justice and the little guy against an unsustainable banking system model, she is swimming in any lake or ocean she can find, studying health and nutrition, and taking culinary classes in California’s beloved wine country.

Ms. Meier has been working with her Congressmen on the issues still plaguing homeowners in California and has now implemented a new legal and economic strategy for herself that she believes will be successful for herself and also for other property owners and investors.

 You can reach Ms. Meier at

Michael Anthony

(925) 786-2262

Michael has had a long life of wondrous experiences which he is willing to share with everyone he meets. His journey has led him to a place where he has the capability and the eagerness to help others with his knowledge, skills, and spirituality.

As a famous, successful author, Michael continues to help others improve themselves. He loves Henry Ford’s quote: “If you think you can or cannot, you are right,” and he has set his place forever in society with his mind-changing books that help people think correctly.

                  The Mental Keys Training Program taught by Michael Anthony explains why a person’s mindset is the most important ingredient in the recipe for success.

                   Michael has helped elite athletes to win Gold and Silver Medals in the Olympics, thousands of Golfers to lower their score as well as Sales Professionals to increase their sales.

Michael has joined our team to help everyone involved with REI Thunder to succeed in whatever they desire. His involvement with us and his wisdom will increase your probability of success in all of your ventures if you study and use it.

                        Happiness in your real estate investing…

                                                …and more importantly…

                                                            …Happiness in all aspects of your life!

Following Few Books are Michael’s Publications:


Art DePaul


Art remembers his first experience in real estate, at the approximate age of four, “working” with his dad, on a home conversion project, handing him the 16 penny nails then watching them disappear into the wood structure after a few masterful strikes of his hand-held hammer.

Shortly after New York City was headed for financial distress, October 1975, Art became a furloughed member of New York City’s Finest. He and his wife Diane moved to Massachusetts. Life suddenly became very busy when they decided to raise a family; invest in real estate properties; commence startup of a construction company and real estate business. He found struggles, learning experiences and successes in these ventures.

Thereafter, he owned and operated a successful recycling and beverage retail store. With his innovations and system modifications, the recycling business became one of the largest, cleanest and very profitable of its kind.

Next, He founded a niche business which is referred to as Business Brokerage: Business Brokerage is partly the sale of the goodwill, trademarks, trade names, inventory and cash flow (collectively known as business assets) associated with a business. He incorporated his firm and joined a franchise. The franchisor was expanding rapidly, and the opportunity arose to buy into the firm and become a partner. The firm continued to expand by selling and opening new franchises across the USA and eventually internationally becoming the largest business brokerage franchise in the world.

Then at the age of 50, he decided to expand his talents into the world of golf. With two years of professional lessons from a former PGA professional and armed with countless hours of perfect practice, many rounds in tournament play was decided, by the game, he continued to play and enjoy golf in good standing as an amateur.

After the realization that I would never excel in semi-retirement or golf, his focus returned to business. Art’s thoughts turned towards real estate, remembering the simple fun and lovely experiences as a mentee working along the side of his father and learning through his genius of guidance. Moving forward, because he loves working with people and appreciates the values of what real estate offers to all of us, he decided to help consumers find their dream home as a full-time real estate professional.

It was not long after opening DePaul Brokerage that real estate was changing or should change into what the consumers were silently demanding. Over the next decade, he continued to practice as a real estate broker and naturally recognizing, analyzing and making modifications to create a new real estate model.

Now — He brings his talents, experience, and passion to Ancilla Realty confidently, to produce nothing short of masterful results, while volunteering as a Board Member with REI THUNDER!