We believe in the power of gratitude and giving. We channel our resources into the efforts of organizations that work to improve people’s quality of life.

These include organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or Substance Abuse Recovery Housing Programs which are initiatives that provide housing. Our employees and other staff have a direct impact on which organizations receive our assistance, therefor many other excellent community organizations also receive our help.

It is very surprising how small of a role corporations play in charitable giving in the U. S. Only about 6 percent of private-sector companies donate anything at all and of those companies, only a little more than 1 percent of their pretax dollars are donated. [Article/2013/08 Ken Stern/ Slate.com/corporations don’t give to charity].

Again stepping as a leader in setting standards for other companies to follow, Ancilla Realty has resolved to donate an astonishing, generous, minimum, of at least ten percent of corporate profits toward charitable contributions.