“REI-Thunder/ALKO companies’ Affinity Program builds relationships with excellent companies that offer above average products and services, creates exclusive co-branded programs for consumers, and encourages innovative partnerships.”

It honors a legacy of American tradition and culture with influential licensed partners, in alignment with our positive brand mission.

Affinity recognizes the power of the spirit and the importance of community. By using our ALKO Companies’ Affinity Partners, you can participate in our global message of positive energy as we join forces with like-minded organizations.

ALKO’s Affinity Program embraces the many people and professions that synergistically ensure their products, services, and hearts contribute to the ALKO Companies’ Ethos of doing real estate right by continually providing help to people with their real estate dreams.

We encourage you to engage, use, and tell others about your great results by using our Affinity partners, commonly known as our sponsors.