The Best In The Industry

A Different Approach

The majority of real estate investors could be viewed simply as the Guy or Gal next door. These eager people are seemingly melding into society while attempting to build a real estate empire… or at least a worthy retirement account. 

This group of people has always been on their own with no real structure, most of them buying the next real estate fad or course that comes along, not knowing how to implement it into his dreams, or worse, finding that it was just a waste of their money and time.




Real Estate Investor’s Thunder has a heart for these people because our founders started their real estate careers as investors. Agents were not very helpful, lenders were impossible, and the so-called Get Rich Gurus were found to be almost useless.

Quality Over Quantity

We help you by providing resources for proper education and networking events catered to real estate investors. We help your dreams come true.

Whether you are seeking your first property or want to add to your current portfolio, or if you simply want to invest your retirement funds or other money, or maybe just want to gain detailed information on how to become a real estate investor, we have the programs that can be customized specifically for you.

We have provided information on our organization, meetings, networking and educational meetings as well as a place to find useful resource information for anyone active in the real estate industry.